How supermarkets can reduce packaging to save the planet from drowning in garbage

It was inspiring to read about the launch of Waitrose’s trial in Oxford offering consumers a range of products free of packaging. Their system isn’t revolutionary – smaller supermarkets have been doing the same thing for quite some time, as have many committed people. But it’s the first time that a major supermarket has made a big move away from the packaging-dependent model that has dominated major supermarkets for years. Waitrose’s system, where customers can fill their own reusable containers with an array of food, alcohol and cleaning products, reminds me of time spent with my grandparents in Kent as…
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We need to talk marketing ethics: What to consider as a content writer

When I started writing, it was really just a hobby. I thought – since I’m already always scribbling away and habitually putting to paper everything I learn, I might as well start sharing it with blogs and communities across the web, to teach and to be taught. I was a complete noob to the world of content marketing. But soon enough, what started out as a hobby turned into paying gigs, and those turned into regular and steady work. As I started collaborating more closely with clients and writing branded content for companies, I was fully immersed as a content…
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Small islands might be the first to achieve a full-electric transport system

At a recent talk on the UK’s energy sector, the head of an electric utility company claimed that “the problem of decarbonizing our electricity sector is fixed”. Eyebrows were raised at this, but his point quickly became clear. The technologies needed to decarbonize the UK’s electricity system now exist, he explained. Indeed, grid operators in the UK expect a zero carbon electricity system by 2025. But far greater challenges remain in the heat and transport sectors. Electrifying road transport will likely take longer than 2025 and more electric vehicles could cause the grid’s current electricity demand to double. This is…
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CHEAP: A Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 controller for only $40? Sign me the hell up

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! Even though it’s less common than it was, one of my favorite aspects of gaming is local multiplayer. Yeah, you can still have a great time playing online, but there’s nothing quite like handing your friends a solid beating, and then chatting shit right to their face. God, it makes me feel all warm inside. Now, one of the issues with actually doing this is price. Specifically, controller price. Yeah, you can totally get a third-party controller to play with, but — in my…
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Relive shaking film with this $100 retro Polaroid OneStep 2 Camera

If you were a kid of the 70s and 80s, the Polaroid instant camera undoubtedly holds a place in your heart. Now, you can revisit that magic — or experience it for the first time — with this retro-cool Polaroid OneStep 2 Camera and Photobox storage for $20 off, just $99.99 from TNW Deals.

The Joys Of July (2019 Wallpapers Edition)

The Joys Of July (2019 Wallpapers Edition)The Joys Of July (2019 Wallpapers Edition)

Cosima Mielke

2019-06-30T10:30:34+02:002019-06-30T14:35:39+00:00A scoop of their favorite ice cream, a bike ride in the summer rain, or listening to the frog concert by the nearby lake — a lot of little things and precious moments have inspired the design community to create a wallpaper this July.

This monthly wallpapers challenge has been going on for more than nine years now, and each time anew, artists and designers from across the globe take it as an occasion to tickle their creativity and cater for beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking wallpaper designs. Wallpapers that are bound to get your ideas sparking, too.

The wallpapers in this collection all come in versions with and without a calendar for July 2019 and can be downloaded for free. A big thank-you to everyone who submitted their designs! At the end of this post, we also compiled some July favorites from past years’ editions that ar..

Why Google Duplex might make my design job redundant

A year ago, Google blew the world away with Duplex, an AI assistant that can make phone calls for you. The demo went viral and raised a lot of ethical and philosophical questions. Last month, Google announced an update for Duplex: it can now use websites for you. This announcement might not have been as controversial as last year’s, but I believe it is a transformative step towards the future of user interfaces. To understand why, let’s have a quick look back at the history of human-computer interaction (HCI). From the command line interface to AI Ever since they were…
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Luminar 3 brings AI to photo editing, and it’s nearly half-off today.

Photo editing is starting to incorporate artificial intelligence to help speed the process along. One of the first to embrace 21st century touchups is Luminar — and right now, you can get the complete award-winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle at almost half off, just $49 now from TNW Deals.

Waterfall illusion: the science behind why still objects sometime appear to move

Humans are fascinated by visual illusions, which occur when there is a mismatch between the pattern of light that falls on the retina, and what we perceive. Before books, films, and the internet allowed illusions to be shared widely, people were captivated by illusions in nature. Indeed, it is here that the long history of the study of illusions begins. Both Aristotle and Lucretius described motion illusions following observation of flowing water. Aristotle observed pebbles beneath flowing water for some time, and noticed that afterwards pebbles beside the water appeared to be in motion. Lucretius, meanwhile, looked at the stationary…
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CHEAP: You only have THIS WEEKEND to get $100 off the Samsung Galaxy S10 range

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! Damn, now this is a deal. Yep, you can currently get $100 off an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, or S10+. Or, if you’re happy to sign up to a mobile network with your purchase, you can get up to $200 off the price of the Galaxy S10 range. On top of this discount, you also get a full year of YouTube premium thrown into the mix, something that’s worth $11.99 a month — or a whole $143.88 over a year. If you only take away one…
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