The Galaxy Tab S6 shows Samsung isn’t giving up the tablet fight

It’s no secret that Android tablets are in an awkward position. While Apple’s iPad remains an important part of its product line-up, even Google has given up on making an equivalent. But Samsung hasn’t given up on Android tablets just yet. Today it announced the Galaxy Tab S6. It’s clear the tablet has taken some inspiration from the new iPad Pro, but it has a few tricks of its own too. First, the specs: 10.5″ Super AMOLED Display 6GB + 128 GB or 8GB + 128GB RAM and storage configurations Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9610 7,040 mAh battery (15 hours battery life claimed) 8MP…
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Report: Jeffrey Epstein wants to freeze his head and penis, seed the world with his DNA

Former financier and alleged sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is an apparent transhumanist who hoped to seed the world with his DNA and have his head and penis cryonically preserved. According to a report from the New York Times, Epstein spent decades cultivating connections within the science and technology communities. He rubbed elbows with Nobel laureates, big tech executives, and researchers from all over academia and hosted parties and dinners where scientific elites held discourse with him in hopes of scoring funding. But his interests allegedly lay outside the realms of normal scientific endeavor and in pseudoscience. Reportedly, the accused rapist planned…
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Review: The Spire Studio is an all-in-one 8-track recording studio that fits in your hand

Izotope’s Spire Studio is a portable 8-track all-in-one recording studio. It’s brimming with features and powered by incredibly smart software. It may be the most innovative tool I’ve used in my home recording studio. I wanted to hate the Spire Studio. It’s a product that takes decades of my hard-learned experience and distills it into a demure cylinder-shaped gadget capable of replacing me in my own home recording studio. But, if I’m being honest, I’m completely impressed with it. It’s been years since I used a digital multi-track recorder machine. These days I’ve got everything running straight to PC through…
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Explosive Switch and PS4 sales show third-party exclusives are king

Nintendo and Sony this week posted sales figures for the Switch and the PlayStation 4, respectively — and the two consoles are cleaning house. If you’re looking for a reason why these two consoles have rocketed to the top so quickly, you can probably put it down to both consoles‘ sterling lineup of exclusives. Sony‘s PS4 hit the milestone of 100 million consoles sold in the last six years. It’s hit that milestone faster than any other console except the Nintendo DS (Ars Technica provided some handy numbers for reference). One of the things it’s boasted over its rivals is a…
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Master Modern JavaScript with This Curated Reading List

Are you daunted by the complexity of the JavaScript ecosystem? Are you still writing ES5, but looking for an opportunity to embrace modern standards? Or, are you confused by the explosion of frameworks and build tools, and unsure what to learn first? Fear not, here are my handpicked selection of books from SitePoint Premium, intended to help you well on your way to mastering modern JavaScript.

JavaScript: Novice to Ninja, Second Edition
I've placed this book at the top of my list, as it has something for almost everybody. It starts by covering the fundamentals (and thus serves well as a desk reference), then moves on to tackle more advanced topics, such as testing and functional programming.

The second edition has been updated to cover ECMAScript 6 and does a great job of introducing you to its more common features. You also get to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice at the end of each chapter, as you build out a quiz app, adding features as you move through the book..

Criminologist: Trump acts like a criminal when denying climate change

While much of the world now recognizes the need for immediate action, there are still those who question the scientific consensus on climate change and deter efforts to tackle it. As might be expected, they have the attention of US President Donald Trump and his Republican administration. The Heartland Institute’s International Conference on Climate Change was held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on July 25 2019. The Heartland Institute considers itself one of “the world’s leading free market think-tanks”, which “promotes free market solutions to social and economic problems”. It’s perhaps best known for its climate scepticism.…
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UK judge slams Craig Wright’s defamation case against Roger Ver

A UK judge has dismissed a defamation case filed by Craig Steven Wright, Bitcoin‘s self-proclaimed creator, against Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver. The case was thrown out of court on grounds that it was “weak,” “lacking in detail,” and “inappropriate.” High Court Judge Sir Matthew Nicklin said there was little evidence to support Craig Wright‘s claims of damage to his reputation, and highlighted that Wright had failed to provide enough evidence of “the global reputation he enjoys and, more particularly, the extent to which it has been damaged.” The judge’s decision, which surfaced today, brands the case as a form of…
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Watch: Disney’s new anti-vibration tech maps CGI movements onto actual robots

Researchers from Disney have developed software for mapping CGI motion animations to actual robots – without any of the unwanted outcomes of porting virtual movements to the physical world. The researchers note that while it’s fairly easy to create virtual characters with a wide degree of motion, translating those movements to real robots presents a challenge due to “constraints imposed by the size, weight, and placement of [their] mechanical components.” “The combination of fast motions and unavoidable structural deformations leads to mechanical oscillations that negatively affect [the performance of robotic characters],” the researchers explained. “Our goal is to automatically transfer motions created…
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Simplify The Handoff From Sketch To Visual Studio Code With Indigo.Design

Simplify The Handoff From Sketch To Visual Studio Code With Indigo.DesignSimplify The Handoff From Sketch To Visual Studio Code With Indigo.Design

Suzanne Scacca

2019-07-31T14:00:00+02:002019-07-31T20:34:49+00:00(This is a sponsored article.) If you think about it, software teams are a lot like sports teams. While each team member works towards the same exact goal, the role they play and the actions they take are vastly different from one another.

Which is why it’s crucial to have a seamless way of moving the ball from one team member to another.

Unfortunately, the handoff that takes place within software teams isn’t naturally as smooth as what you see on the sports field. And one of the primary reasons for this is the different systems and approaches used to build products.

Designers create pixel-perfect UIs in Sketch, only to have to translate them into a language that developers can use when they build apps in the Visual Studio Code IDE. Without a seamless way to move product..

Bitcoiners are predicting the future of blockchain with #TheYearIs2030

The year is still 2019, but Twitter‘s Bitcoin community is looking to the future. Tons of Bitcoiners are sharing their predictions for the cryptocurrency and the blockchain industry 11 years from now with the hashtag #TheYearIs2030. Blockstream CSO Samson Mow kicked off the trend with a sarcastic take on recent news of high-profile departures from popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which previously drew the ire of Twitter‘s cryptocurrency community with the acquisition of controversial blockchain analytics firm Neutrino. In the tweet, Mow took a dig at Coinbase‘s loose token-listing criteria, forecasting its demise at the greediness of its co-founder and CEO…
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