September 2019

Apple just released the third iOS 13 patch in a week

For those of you who just checked your iPhones or iPads and saw you have another software update available — no, you’re not going crazy. Apple today pushed out iOS 13.1.2, which will hopefully bring the number of bugs down to manageable levels. iOS 13.1.2 is the latest in a line of rapid fire updates, iOS 13.1.1 having come out last Friday and iOS 13.1 having come out just three days before that. The update notes state iOS 13.1.2 fixes a few major bugs, including the flashlight or the camera not working. It also fixes a few issues with Shortcuts and a stalled iCloud progress bar… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: iOS,Apple

HP’s new Spectre x360 13 brings more power in a smaller, sleeker package

HP has been seriously upping its design game the last few years, what with some svelte laptops and even one that was basically half leather. Today HP announced the latest in its renewed product line, the impressively sleek Spectre x360 13. The new laptop is 13 percent smaller than the previous generation, thanks in part to slimmer bezels on the display – particularly on the bottom, where many ‘bezel-less’ laptops had developed a rather unsightly chin. HP has maintained the camera above the display too, even including Windows Hello infrared facial detection in that tiny sliver. It makes for an… This story continues at The Next Web

Review: The Atomic9 is an amazing loose-leaf vape under $60

Cloudious9 is set to launch its innovative, inexpensive Atomic9 dry-herb vaporizer. I’ve had my mellow hands on a review unit for the last month and I’ve been nothing but impressed. I almost exclusively consume cannabis using a loose-leaf vaporizer. I prefer flower over concentrates or cartridges, but combustion ruins the flavor and (literally) burns through your herb much faster. Unfortunately dry-herb vapes are typically expensive and most of them just copycat each other. The Atomic9 is different. First off, it doesn’t cost as much as most dry-herb vapes. At $59.99 it’s the least expensive loose-leaf vape I’ve used, but it… This story continues at The Next Web

Report: TikTok censored posts about Trump, Christianity, and LGBTQ relationships

TikTok‘s 500 million users aren’t there to fight about politics, troll their enemies, or shitpost for lolz. They’re mostly a community of inclusive, fun-loving content creators who support one another. You can thank the Chinese government’s commitment to exporting censorship for that. A recent report from The Guardian revealed that ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, had policies in place that outright censored or shadow-banned certain content in specific areas. In China, of course, any mentions of topics that are already banned on the internet such as Tienanmen Square and political criticism were censored. But in other countries, the… This story continues at The Next Web

A Red Dead Redemption 2 PC port looks more likely by the day

As of this week, we know two things about Red Dead Redemption 2. One is that the game is almost certainly coming to PC, and the other is that Rockstar isn’t making any meaty single-player story DLC to accompany said release. The Australian ratings board last week inadvertently teased a potential new release for RDR2. The board rated it again, something it’d only do if there were another version of the game incoming. And since there’s no DLC to repackage with the game as a “Game of the Year Edition,” the balance of probability swings in the direction of a new… This story continues at The Next Web

Exchanges form Crypto Rating Council, but pre-emptively admit its ratings mean nothing

A set of cryptocurrency firms have banded together to create a “Crypto Rating Council” to help classify digital assets — but it unlikely to mean much. Founded by prominent exchanges like Coinbase, Bittrex, and Kraken, the group aims to rate digital assets from 1 to 5. Those that find themselves on the higher end of the scale are thought to be considered securities in the eyes of regulators. “Whether a crypto asset is a security—as opposed to a currency, a commodity, or something else—may trigger registration, licensing, and other operating obligations for financial services firms that offer digital asset services like exchange, investment management,… This story continues at The Next Web

Bank of Ireland staff asked to testify in $300M OneCoin fraud case

As the multi-billion dollar OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme continues to tumble, news of witnesses set to testify against the scam’s perpetrators are now coming to light. According to Finance Feeds, employees of the Bank of Ireland have been asked to testify in the case against Mark Scott, one of the alleged figureheads of the $3 billion-plus OneCoin scam. Scott, a former partner with international law firm Locke Lord, has been accused of laundering $300 million in OneCoin proceeds using corporate accounts at the Bank of Ireland. It’s believed that he misrepresented the source of the funds to the bank. Three… This story continues at The Next Web

Video: Google’s budget Pixel 3a range are the phones it was born to make

Google‘s Pixel range of devices have quickly established themselves as some of the most popular flagship phones around. They’ve enter that rarified segment of devices populated by the Apple and Samsungs of the world, but — as much as I like them — this has always seemed like a strange fit to me. There’s no doubting the Pixel 3 is a great phone, but it never felt as premium, polished, or slick as some of the other leading devices in the category. One element of this could be attributed to Google’s image. One of the key aspects of luxury brands is desirability… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Google

CHEAP: Every day is bass day with 35% off the Beats Pill+ portable bluetooth speaker

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! In this day and age you shouldn’t be without high quality music. Like, why should you sacrifice sound quality when you go to the park? Don’t you deserve to hear music in high-quality at a garden party? Shouldn’t you experience pounding bass while hanging out under the bridge? Yes. You should. You’re worth it. Finding that perfect speaker can be tough though. How do you know if the speaker‘s for you? Or if you’re getting a good deal? Well, we’re here to help. And,… This story continues at The Next Web

Beneath The Autumn Leaves (October 2019 Wallpapers Edition)

Beneath The Autumn Leaves (October 2019 Wallpapers Edition)Beneath The Autumn Leaves (October 2019 Wallpapers Edition) Cosima Mielke 2019-09-30T13:42:00+02:002019-10-01T03:37:44+00:00Misty mornings, pumpkins, leaves shining in bright red, yellow, and orange hues — these are just some of the things about October that inspired artists and designers to participate in this month’s wallpapers challenge. The monthly challenge has been going on for more than nine years already, and each time anew, creatives from all across the globe submit their designs to it to cater for some variety on your desktop and mobile screens — and for a bit of fresh inspiration, of course. In this collection, you’ll find their wallpaper designs for October 2019. They come in versions with and without a calendar so that you can continue to use your favorite even after the month has ended. Speaking of favorites: As a little extra goodie, we compiled some favorites from past wallpapers editions at the end of thi..