October 2019

E-bike Review: The Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X goes 28+ mph and has fantastic range

I am convinced personal electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters are the best way to get around a crowded metropolis like New York City. No vehicle has convinced me more than the Juiced Bikes CrossCurrent X. This $2,500 e-bike is a standout commuter vehicle, checking off a formidable list of features at a price that won’t break the bank, at least relative to other e-bikes with similar features. 28+ mph adjustable top speed? Check. Real-world range of 70 miles for an average rider? Check. Ultra-durable tires? Check. Both smooth pedal assist and throttle operation? Check. A sturdy rear rack, front suspension,… This story continues at The Next Web

The PS4 just became the second best-selling console of all time

Sony today revealed the PlayStation 4 has surpassed two other consoles in sales figures — namely, the Wii and the original PlayStation. It’s now the second-best-selling console of all time. Sony released its quarterly financial report this week, detailing, among other things, its hardware sales. We know the total number of PS4s sold as of the last report was 100 million, and the company sold an additional 2.8 million units this quarter. That brings the total up to 102.8 million PS4s sold over its six-year lifespan. For reference, the Wii sold 101.6 million units, while the PS1 sold 102.5. So… This story continues at The Next Web

Internet Archive makes it easy to read books cited on Wikipedia

The Internet Archive this week announced it was partnering with Wikipedia to link the latter’s book citations to the former’s redoubtable library. In future, when users look up a source on page, they may be able to get a digital copy of the book from the Internet Archive. Both sites collaborated to link 130,000 citations on various articles to 50,000 of the Archive’s digital book repository. When a users clicks on these linked citations, it takes them to a copy of the page on the Archive’s site, where they can see the source directly. The Archive offers a digital lending library… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Wikipedia

Instagram influencer nabbed in Dubai for running alleged cryptocurrency investment scam

Aziz ‘Com’ Mirza, a Canadian man living in Dubai, has been arrested by authorities and accused of defrauding investors through a string of get-rich-quick schemes, including real estate-backed cryptocurrency Habibi Coin — once dubbed “the Bitcoin of the Middle East.” According to Gulf News, Mirza, who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur, mentor, influencer, and philanthropist is now in custody at Al Awir jail. Mirza was taken into custody by Bur Dubai Police on October 27. He was arrested after a United Arab Emirates resident claimed they’d lost more than $150,000 in one of his dodgy schemes. Back in April,… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Instagram

Video: Seoul is spearheading the 5G revolution

One of the hottest new topics in tech is 5G, the next generation of cellular network technology. When 4G came along, it was a massive breakthrough and gave birth to services like Instagram and Snapchat, which had been completely unthinkable only a couple of years earlier. Now it’s time for the next generation of innovations. 5G is much faster, more responsive, and more customizable than 4G and is expected to be fundamental to the advancement of new technologies such as IoT, AI, VR, and self-driving cars. To match human-like reflexes, autonomous vehicles need to be able to read their environment… This story continues at The Next Web

Italians apparently prefer Bitcoin over Visa or MasterCard for online payments

What comes to mind when you think of Italy? Pizza, pasta, Ferrari, long white-chalk roads winding their way over rolling Tuscan hills? What about Bitcoin? Because it seems Italians are quite keen on using the cryptocurrency for online payments. According to a recent report by marketing analysis firm SEMRush, Bitcoin is the third most popular method for online payments in Italy. It comes in behind payment processor PayPal and Italian prepaid cash card provider PostePay. It’s important to point out that the study included payments made using Visa debit or MasterCards through PayPal, as PayPal payments. If these weren’t included under PayPal, it’s… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

Study: Women and ethnic minorities in data science probably won’t get promoted over white men

Despite a significant growth in the number of women working in the tech industry, female representation has stalled over the last decade. Only 18 percent of leadership roles being filled by women, and it turns out the chances of promotion are just as low. In three new diversity reports by Harnham’s Data and Analytics, based on a survey of 3,000 professionals in the UK, the EU, and the US, they found that professionals who are women or ethnic minorities in the data and analytics industry are half as likely to reach a leadership position or hold a director title than… This story continues at The Next Web

The never-ending Mt. Gox saga: Cryptocurrency recovery deadline pushed back (again!)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but victims who lost money as a result of Mt. Gox‘s implosion will have to wait even longer to get their refunds. The news comes after the trustee, tasked with refunding users, again decided to extend the submission deadline for claims. In a statement released earlier this week, Nobuaki Kobayashi said a Tokyo District Court had issued an order to extend the deadline until March 31, 2020. Kobayashi announced the deadline extension just one day before the current one, which was agreed in April, expired. When it collapsed in 2014, Mt. Gox… This story continues at The Next Web

Scientists discovered a galactic ghost — but there’s nothing paranormal about it

It’s a classic Halloween tale. A group of ghost hunters visit a grand old house that is rumoured to be haunted. But after thoroughly exploring, they leave disappointed: there are no ghosts to be seen. Only later, when looking through their photographs of the place do they notice the mysterious apparition on the stairs. It was there all the time. In our new work, published in Nature, we were shocked to discover an apparition of galactic proportions when looking at a familiar galaxy. The finding has huge significance because it demonstrates how chemical elements mix on very large scales around… This story continues at The Next Web

23+ Best HTML Resume Templates to Make Personal Profile CV Websites (2019)

A personal website is one of the greatest assets you can have in 2019. A personal resume website puts you in complete control over your name and your personal brand. It also increases your visibility and makes it easier for employers, or even clients, to find you online. Example of professional resume (CV) website design from MotiCV site template.Whatever your situation, you need a personal resume website that represents your skills: fresh out of college and looking for employment trying to break into the freelancing world seasoned pro wanting to attract more clients For the best resume website templates and HTML profile templates, be sure to check Envato Elements and GraphicRiver. We've also shared over 23 resume website examples in this post to help you find ideas and inspiration. Best HTML Resume Website Templates on Envato Elements (With Unlimited Use)You can find many of the best resume website templates on Envato Elements, with a great offer. Download as many as you want..