Researchers debunk theory that single whale caused 2017’s Bitcoin bull run

Specialist blockchain researchers have debunked an academic paper that claimed Bitcoin‘s astronomical price surge during the infamous 2017 cryptocurrency bull run was caused by a single whale. The paper, which Hard Fork previously reported on, claimed a whale on cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was allegedly able to spike Bitcoin‘s price when it dropped below specific levels. Written by the University of Texas professor John Griffin and Ohio State University’s Amin Shams, the paper’s thesis hones in on the theory that Tether tokens are created without the dollars to back them, then used to purchase Bitcoin, thus driving up its price. Now, a study by… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

Decoding how some animals pause pregnancies could unlock new cancer treatments

Putting your pregnancy on pause until the time is right to give birth sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but for many mammals what’s known as “embryonic diapause” is an essential part of raising their young. Although scientists have known since the 1850s that some animals have this ability, it is only now becoming clear how it could teach us valuable lessons about human pregnancy, stem cells, and cancer. Which animals can do this? More than 130 species of mammal can pause their pregnancies. The pause can last anywhere between a couple of days and 11 months. In… This story continues at The Next Web

Iran shut down citizens’ internet access following protests over fuel pricing

Over the weekend, people in Iran experienced slowing internet until finally, on Saturday, the country’s internet and access to mobile data was almost completely shut off by the Iranian government. According to NetBlocks — a non-governmental organization that monitors cybersecurity and the governance of the internet in countries such as Africa, Iraq, and Turkey — the blackout occurred soon after the widespread and escalating protest against the 50 percent increase in fuel prices across the country. Confirmed: #Iran is now in the midst of a near-total national internet shutdown; realtime network data show connectivity at 7% of ordinary levels after… This story continues at The Next Web

The product manager secrets to surviving the 3 pivotal startup phases

To succeed, product managers must demonstrate a specific set of core competencies — no matter where they work. But, the role of the product manager in a startup is particularly hard to define. They operate with a wide range of responsibilities and huge pressure to deliver results, often without reporting authority. How is the role of a product manager in a startup different from a large company? The path of a startup is never predictable. As it meanders — discovering, fine-tuning, and pivoting — product managers shape the way forward, far more so than in a larger organization which have… This story continues at The Next Web

The AirPods Pro have me dreaming of reality-suppressing tech

Boris is the wise ol’ CEO of TNW who writes a weekly column on everything about being an entrepreneur in tech — from managing stress to embracing awkwardness. You can get his musings straight to your inbox by signing up for his newsletter! A few weeks ago I lost my AirPods on the London tube. The same evening I arrived back home in Amsterdam I received a press release for the new AirPods Pro that was about to become available two days later. I ordered them within minutes of receiving the press release, and have been using them ever since.… This story continues at The Next Web

Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘200 Bitcoin devs assess new privacy and scaling upgrades’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Sloterdijk used to say: Bob’s your uncle! Bitcoin Price We closed the day, November 17 2019, at a price of $8,577. That’s a minor 0.33 percent increase in 24 hours, or $28. It was the highest closing price in two days. We’re still 57 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017). Bitcoin market cap Bitcoin’s market cap ended the day at… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

CHEAP: Sweat-time, piglet — there’s 50% off the Bose SoundSport headphones

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! I used to hate exercise. The thought of going into a gym surrounded by meatheads and working out until I was drenched in my own bodily fluids was… unappealing. Like, why bother doing that when I could just sit at home and watch TV? Then, at some point, that changed. These days I thoroughly enjoy going to the gym and find I feel awful if I don’t exercise a few times a week. But the hardest part of this change was the transition. It’s… This story continues at The Next Web

IRS eyes Bitcoin ATMs amid cryptocurrency tax concerns

As the number of Bitcoin ATMs across the world seemingly increases, so does the Internal Revenue Service‘s (IRS) focus on them. According to Bloomberg Law, a senior agency official said last week that criminal investigators at the IRS were “very” focused on the potential tax implications raised by cryptocurrency kiosks and ATMs. “We’re looking at those, and the ones that may or may not be connected to bank accounts,” IRS criminal investigation chief John Fort told Bloomberg Law. “In other words, if you can walk in, put cash in and get Bitcoin out, obviously we’re interested potentially in the person… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

TNW’s quest to discover Europe’s best scale-up is back – sign up now

Tech5, annually hosted by TNW and Adyen, is back for the seventh time. Tech5 is the leading showcase for Europe’s fastest-growing scale-ups, giving them the opportunity to join a network of the best companies, investors, and experts from across the continent. This year we’re focusing on the ways technology can help create change and have a positive impact on society. A community for the founders who dare In 2020, Tech5 2020 is going to be an even greater podium, with the likes of Lithuania competing for the first time. Adyen CCO, Roelant Prins adds: “Since starting Tech5 back in 2012,… This story continues at The Next Web