Here’s how to grow a brand’s online audience on a budget

Building engagement with your audience can be really hard in today’s tech landscape – while many more channels are available to share your brand story, it’s harder to cut through the noise. So how can marketers establish themselves? Nadya Khoja, Chief Growth Officer at Venngage, has worked hard to figure it out. She’s built a strong online audience for Venngage, but also for herself. Ahead of her TNW Conference discussion, I asked her about her experiences, lessons learned, and how she sees the future of tech influencing tomorrow’s marketing techniques. What was the driving force behind starting your own web-series,… This story continues at The Next Web

See you earlier: Physicists sent a (simulated) particle back in time

An international team of physicists looking for loopholes in the laws of physics recently simulated a brute-force method for reversing the age of a particle by 1/1,000,000th of a second. In other words: time travel is possible (in a simulation). The experiment involved the use of IBM’s cloud-accessible 5-qubit quantum computer and a time-travel algorithm. To be clear: the team didn’t actually send a subatomic particle back in time. It simulated the progression and reversal (like aging and, um, de-aging) of a wave. The researchers determined that it’s highly unlikely such a thing could occur in nature, but manipulating quantum states in… This story continues at The Next Web

EA seeks fresh blood for Apex Legends in mobile market

Executives from Electronic Arts have implied they’d like to bring their battle royale Apex Legends to mobile devices, mimicking the success of its competitors, Fortnite and PUBG. It might be a path to success, but mobile is no longer the untapped market it used to be, given the aforementioned battles royale got there first. During this week’s quarterly earnings call, EA revealed it was in “advanced negotiations” to bring Apex Legends to mobile and China, says Polygon, meaning it’s highly likely we’ll see the Titanfall-based battle royale in both places shortly. It’s making the leap to mobile much faster than its competition, meaning in months instead… This story continues at The Next Web

Too Good To Go is Europe’s ‘hottest startup,’ wins Tech5 competition 2019

Just in: Danish startup Too Good To Go is this year’s “most promising startup” of regions Europe and Israel. Today was Founders’ Day, a special part of startup competition Tech5, where investors, influencers and experts have chosen the hottest young technology companies from Europe and Israel to come together for a networking and sharing event which as Patrick de Laive, TNW Founder, says “sparks new ideas, new collaborations, and new innovations.” While Too Good To Go walked away with the first prize, the two runners up were awarded on stage as well. Below, we highlight the top three tech… This story continues at The Next Web

Logitech makes its G502 gaming mouse all but perfect with lighter wireless design

Logitech’s G502 is one of the best-selling mice of all time, and the most popular gaming mouse on the market, according to the company. But since it’s release in 2014, the G502 has been technologically overshadowed by its brethren with gaming-ready wireless connectivity and. I’ve enjoyed some of these mice greatly, but none had the G502’s shape and button arrangement I so loved. That changes today. Logitech has announced the $150 G502 Lightspeed, which adopts the fantastic wireless connectivity introduced with the G900 and the wireless charging support introduced in 2017. I’ve been able to play with the mouse for… This story continues at The Next Web

Who are the creators of AI-generated art — programmers or machines?

Two years ago, engineers released DeepBach, a neural network that generates Baroque anthems almost indistinguishable from Bach’s, but still nobody can decide if it’s really music. DeepBach is so skilled at replicating Bach that more than half of those surveyed had attributed its computer-generated melodies to the man himself — despite music students and professionals making up 25 percent of respondents. Critics generally deride tunes made by artificial intelligence by claiming these systems aren’t capable of generating art through creativity – be it text, music, or imagery. Enter MuseNet: a machine-learning algorithm developed by OpenAI that creates weird-and-wonderful music by predicting which sounds should follow user-inputted notes.… This story continues at The Next Web

The Internet is wrong about Liquid Death, the controversial ‘punk rock’ canned water

I have an opinion I wish to share that you almost certainly won’t agree with. (Not like that’s stopped me in the past) Mike Cessario, a former creative director at Netflix, recently raised $1.6 million from a swathe of top-tier investors, including Twitter founder Biz Stone, to launch a canned water company. The water, called Liquid Death, is sourced from Austria. Cans come plastered with an edgy, punk-style design and cost $1.83 per unit. Its slogan is “Murder your Thirst.” The product came to global prominence after Business Insider profiled its founder. Of course, the Twitterverse didn’t waste any time… This story continues at The Next Web

An entrepreneur’s guide to South Korea’s blockchain tech scene

While an old Korean proverb warns that ‘If you don’t walk today, you must run tomorrow,’ the motto of modern South Korea’s approach to innovation might be summed up thusly: Walk briskly today, so you’re set to outrun the rest tomorrow. The still unfolding story of blockchain’s adoption in Asia’s fourth biggest economy reflects this wisdom. While regulators slapped a series of bans on ICOs at the close of 2017 and beginning of 2018, their qualms about cryptos belie the government’s proactive embrace of blockchain – and they overshadow a population that’s already gearing itself to emerge as global trendsetters… This story continues at The Next Web

CHEAP: Let Sennheiser’s Wireless headphones cup your ears with love for just $100

You might have a high-end pair of headphones at home to enjoy music and movies — but good home headphones don’t necessarily mean good commute headphones. That’s why we’ve found the perfect pair for your daily use – Sennheiser HD 4.40 Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones for just $100, down from $150. The headphones support Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX for great sound. It’s NFC-ready for quick pairing with compatible devices and its around-ear design makes it easier to use it for long listens. Plus, it has a foldable headband, so you can sneak them into your bag comfortably. Reviews suggest that these cans have… This story continues at The Next Web

Prince Charles on Bitcoin: ‘It’s a very interesting development’

A Twitter user posted a video of them asking the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, what he thought of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and blockchain yesterday. The Prince’s response? “Oh yes, it’s a very interesting development.” Asked Prince Charles what he thinks of #bitcoin….. legendary response 😂😂 #bitcoin #btc #trx #crypto #blockchain #berlin #PrinceCharles @HabichtJonathan @APompliano @officialmcafee @Eljaboom Don’t @ me for saying bitcoinSsssss pic.twitter.com/wSvOkN0cuE — CD 🚀 (@coindorado) May 7, 2019 The Tweeter caught Prince Charles in Berlin, where he’s currently on a royal visit. The Prince of Wales can be seen initially dismissing the Tweeter’s questions, but seems… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin