20 Best Cheap WordPress Themes (Quality Budget Website Designs for 2020)

Understanding what customers value, how value is defined and what drives customers towards opting or refusing to commit to a certain purchase is a topic of high interest and research. Different customers value different things, and cost is by far the most popular factor taken into account when it comes to the decision of purchasing something.
As a customer, you’ll look to maximize the design value and functionality of a WordPress theme relative to its price. After all, building a website almost always means working to a budget.
On the other hand, when a theme author prices their work, there’s a risk of pricing a product too low. Pricing too low doesn’t always pass along a feeling of a “premium” product and can actually work against the seller.
Cheap (But High Quality) WordPress Themes on ThemeforestWe have put together a compilation of premium WordPress themes that we believe combine a fair share of features, sleek and beautiful designs, and are priced below the market average price p..

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How To Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Blockchain In Node.js

How To Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Blockchain In Node.jsHow To Build A Simple Cryptocurrency Blockchain In Node.js

Alfrick Opidi

2020-02-21T10:30:00+00:002020-02-21T18:35:52+00:00The unprecedented rise of cryptocurrencies, and their underpinning blockchain technology, have taken the world by storm — from the humble beginnings of being an academic concept over a decade ago to current increased adoption in various industries.

The blockchain technology is receiving a lot of attention because of its ability to enhance security in trustless environments, enforce decentralization, and make processes efficient.

Traditionally, Python has been the de facto programming language for blockchain development. However, with the proliferation of this amazing technology, the development options have also increased — and Node.js has not been left behind.

In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about how to build a simple cryptocurrency blockchain in Node.js. It’s not going to be too fancy, but just..

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How to Add a Page or Post in WordPress

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to add a post in WordPress and how to create a Page in WordPress. I'll explain the difference between posts and pages and will also explain featured images, trackbacks, pingbacks and more.

This video is taken from my course A Beginner's Guide to WordPress. You can watch the entire course for free here on Envato Tuts+.
WordPress Tutorial: A Beginner’s Guide to Using WordPress
Adi PurdilaIf you need a primer on WordPress, check out my What is WordPress video tutorial.
What Is WordPress?
Adi PurdilaWordPress makes it easy to get started building your own website or blog, but there are a few terms and techniques that you'll need to understand first.
In this tutorial, you'll learn about adding and editing posts and pages. These are the two main types of content in WordPress. I’ll explain the difference between the two.
Posts and Pages: What's the Difference? In WordPress, there are four different types o..

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How to Login to Your WordPress Site Admin Dashboard

In this WordPress quick tip you’ll learn how to log into your WordPress site’s admin dashboard.
How to Login to WordPress Admin

If you aren’t used to working with WordPress it’s important to know that every website built with this platform has two components:
The front end (the actual website–what your visitors see)The back end (the secure interface that you and other administrators use to manage the site)How to Log In1. Click the “Log in” LinkIf you’ve set up your website using one of WordPress’ default themes it’s highly likely that on the front end you’ll see content a little like this:
You’ll notice a Log in link in the Meta widget area, so you can go ahead and click that. You’ll be taken to a login screen, where you can enter your credentials (whatever you specified when setting up the WordPress website) and hit Log In.
Tip: if you’ve lost your login password you can click the Lost your password? link which will enable you to reset it via another link sent by email.
2. Alternativ..

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How To Design Mobile Apps For One-Hand Usage

How To Design Mobile Apps For One-Hand UsageHow To Design Mobile Apps For One-Hand Usage

Maitrik Kataria

2020-02-20T11:00:00+00:002020-02-20T17:35:16+00:00On Friday, January 2007 the world shrank into our palms as three revolutionary products — the iPod, a phone, and a breakthrough internet communicator — were unified to create the smartphones we know and love today.

The first iPhone introduced in 2007 marked the fall of Qwerty keypad and stylus. (Large preview)
iPhone was built to be comfortably used for one-handed operation, allowing for a smoother thumb movement across the screen.

Steve Jobs once said that the 3.5-inch screen is the “perfect size for consumers” and that larger screens are foolish.

(Large preview)
But it wasn’t until the turn of the last decade that phablets gained popularity owing to their bigger screens, so much so that less than 1% devices sold today had smaller than 4-inch screens.

90% of the smartphones sold today have bigger than 5-inch displa..

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How To Use The HTML Drag-And-Drop API In React

How To Use The HTML Drag-And-Drop API In ReactHow To Use The HTML Drag-And-Drop API In React

Chidi Orji

2020-02-19T11:00:00+00:002020-02-19T18:36:25+00:00The drag-and-drop API is one of the coolest features of HTML. It helps us implement drag-and-drop features in web browsers.

In the current context, we will be dragging files from outside the browser. On dropping the file(s), we put them on a list and display their names. With the files in hand, we could then perform some other operation on the file(s), e.g. upload them to a cloud server.

In this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on how to implement the action of dragging and dropping in a React application. If what you need is a plain JavaScript implementation, perhaps you’d first like to read “How To Make A Drag-And-Drop File Uploader With Vanilla JavaScript,” an excellent tutorial written by Joseph Zimmerman not too long ago.

The dragenter, dragleave, dragover, And drop Events

There are eight different drag-and-drop events. Each o..

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“The Affair” WordPress Theme Review: Smooth, Intuitive, Technically Solid

The Affair is a blogging and magazine theme for WordPress that bills itself as a:

“Clean and well-thought WordPress theme for creative bloggers and publishers.”In this review I’m going to be putting the theme through its paces, installing it on a test site, leveraging my 12 years of professional experience with WordPress to evaluate it, and letting you know exactly where the theme excels and where it struggles.
“The Affair” blog or magazine WordPress themeNote that for the purposes of this review, I’m not going to be talking about the appearance of the theme. My reason for this is you can already see for yourself how the theme looks in its demos so you don’t need me to tell you what to think about its visuals.
Instead, I’ll fill you in the aspects you only encounter after purchase, when you start to use the theme, breaking the information into two key sections.

Part 1: User experience, focusing on installation and customization
Part 2: Technical tests, covering speed, SEO, responsive..

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20+ Best Spa & Beauty Salon WordPress Themes for 2020 Websites

Spa and beauty salon websites need to have an attractive and inviting design that paints a perfect image of what clients can expect when they book an appointment. It’s that attractive design that will help you convert visitors into clients that will be more than happy to come back to your salon for another relaxing session.

The best spa and beauty salon WordPress themes include not only attractive designs but features like “menu cards” for the different options on offer, opening times, information about service providers, and high-quality photos. In short, they offer everything you need to create a successful online presence for your beauty or health based business.
Discover the best beauty WordPress theme for your business (Featured here: Labore – Spa & Beauty WordPress Theme ).What to Look for in a Quality Premium WordPress Theme?
If this is your first time shopping for a premium WordPress theme, I have a few tips for you. They will help you find the perfect theme for your spa or h..

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How To Make Cross-Browser Testing More Efficient With LambdaTest

How To Make Cross-Browser Testing More Efficient With LambdaTestHow To Make Cross-Browser Testing More Efficient With LambdaTest

Suzanne Scacca

2020-02-18T11:00:00+00:002020-02-18T18:09:32+00:00Before consumers sat in front of mobile devices for hours every day, there were numerous browsers and operating systems web designers had to contend with. So, it’s not like the concept of cross-browser testing is new.

Because web browsers don’t always render websites the same way or process data in the manner originally intended, cross-browser testing has long been an important part of web design and development. It’s the only way to ensure that what’s built behind the scenes is properly implemented on the frontend of a website.

But it can quickly become a tedious undertaking if you attempt to review every browser, OS and device on your own.

Fortunately, we’re living in an era where automation is king and we now have a better way of conducting cross-browser tests (and more frequently, too..

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How Does WordPress Work?

What You'll Be CreatingIf you’re new to WordPress, or switching over from a static website, you might want to know exactly how WordPress works.
WordPress is a content management system, or CMS. It works by combining some core files, a database, files that you add or install, and a dashboard for Pat to manage the whole thing.
In this article, I’ll show you exactly how WordPress works and what that means for your new WordPress website.
The Components of WordPressWordPress consists of the following components:

WordPress Core: the core files that make up the WordPress installation. You need to install these before you can do anything else, as they make WordPress work.

The database: this is where all of your content and settings are stored. Again, WordPress can’t work without a database. If you install WordPress manually, you’ll also need to create a database. But if you use an auto-installer, that will do the job for you.

Extra files: on top of the Wordpress core files, you can ins..

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