15 Best Web Hosting WordPress Themes (With WHMCS Integration) for 2020

WordPress themes provide you with an efficient way to streamline the design and appearance of your website. There are thousands of themes out there to choose from and many with specific integrations such as WHM Complete Solution (WHMCS). So how do you know which theme is the best for you?
Wait, What is WHMCS?WHMCS stands for Web Host Manager Complete Solution. It’s a client management, billing, and support solution, originally started as a company in the UK, but then later acquired by cPanel.
Plugins like WHMCS Bridge allow WHMCS to be integrated with WordPress, so any WHMCS compatible theme is ideal for any hosting business website.
While it’s a simple integration for WordPress developers, Envato gives you access to WordPress web hosting templates that make the whole process even easier for you.
Not only do WordPress WHMCS templates save you time with your website, but we want to save you time when trying to choose one that works for you. Here are fifteen of the best hosting template..

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What Should You Do When A Web Design Trend Becomes Too Popular?

What Should You Do When A Web Design Trend Becomes Too Popular?What Should You Do When A Web Design Trend Becomes Too Popular?

Suzanne Scacca

2020-03-31T11:30:00+00:002020-03-31T22:34:45+00:00I read an interesting article on Forbes recently about language saturation. Here’s the problem:

Consumers don’t always understand the technicalities of what businesses do or the solutions they’ve created for them. So, copywriters use jargon that translates something like “Internet-connected devices with computing capabilities” into “smartphones”, “smart watches” and “smart speakers”.

Some of these buzzwords spread like wildfire and it soon becomes impossible to find a brand or website that doesn’t use them. When that happens, the words — and the associated product or service — become meaningless in the minds of consumers because everyone is saying the same thing.

The same thing happens when design trends become too popular. This is something Vitaly Friedman talked about last year with regar..

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20 Awesome Music & Radio Station WordPress Themes 2020 (Free & Premium)

In today’s showcase, we have compiled a selection of the best WordPress music and radio station themes, both free and premium, chosen for their extensive functionality, beautiful design, and ease to set up.
Due to the specific and artistic nature of a music-oriented website, there are a couple of traits that you’ll want to look for when considering a premium WordPress theme.

Top Things to Consider in a Music WordPress ThemePrioritize designs that make use of imagery, pictures, and full-width sliders which help tell your story.
Consider picking a theme that provides extensive functionality like playlist integration, player embedding functionality, tour date timetables, and galleries.
Look for themes that have great typography and beautiful accent colors which make the layout be more vibrant.
With these things in mind, let’s get to the bottom of our premium music WordPress themes.
Best Music & Radio Station WordPress Themes Available on ThemeforestWe’ll begin with our list of premium t..

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Stay Positive, Stay Creative (April 2020 Wallpapers Edition)

Stay Positive, Stay Creative (April 2020 Wallpapers Edition)Stay Positive, Stay Creative (April 2020 Wallpapers Edition)

Cosima Mielke

2020-03-31T09:30:00+00:002020-03-31T22:34:45+00:00In times like these where our everyday life is pausing and we’re trying to find strategies to cope with this situation we all find ourselves in at the moment, little routines can help give us a sense of security and familiarity — no matter if it’s having a cup of coffee in the midday sun on your balcony, calling an old friend in the evenings, or trying out a new recipe every day.

One of our routines here at Smashing that has been going on for more than nine years already and that we’re continuing now, too, of course, is to provide you with new wallpapers every month. So if you need a little bit of colorful inspiration or something to cheer you up this April, we’ve got you covered.

Designed with love by artists and designers from across the globe, the wallpapers in this collection come in versions w..

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How to Migrate a WordPress Site

What You'll Be CreatingIf you’re switching hosting providers or you’ve been developing a WordPress site locally and you need to make it live, you’ll be wondering how to move your site.
For a WordPress site, migration is a little more complicated than for a static site, because WordPress consists of a few components. But it is possible.
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to migrate a WordPress site to a new hosting provider or from a development site to a live site. I’ll show you how to do it on SiteGround, our recommended hosting provider, and how to do it manually if you’re with a different hosting provider.
SiteGround makes it easy to manage your WordPress sites, and have a lot of tools for safe and speedy migration. Thanks to Envato's partnership with SiteGround, you can get up to 70% off managed WordPress hosting.

Times You Might Want to Move Your WordPress SiteThere are a few scenarios in which you might want to move your WordPress site:
You’re switching hosting provi..

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Visual Design Language: The Building Blocks Of Design

Visual Design Language: The Building Blocks Of DesignVisual Design Language: The Building Blocks Of Design

Gleb Kuznetsov

2020-03-30T13:00:00+00:002020-03-30T22:35:05+00:00“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
— Steve Jobs

Like written words are to language, fonts, colors, shapes and icons are to visual design. An effective visual design language not only acts as a communication framework for all stakeholders on a product development team, but unites a brand and its customers to ensure that a company’s brand identity matches a customer’s brand perception.

We use language as a tool for communication with other people. Writers use words to communicate with their readers, while designers use visual language to communicate with their users. Fonts, colors, shapes, visual elements such as icons — those are elements of design language. Effective design language streamlines communication.

While working at Fantasy in 2016, my team was tasked with..

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Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists PDF

Smart Interface Design Patterns Checklists PDFSmart Interface Design Patterns Checklists PDF

Rachel Andrew

2020-03-30T09:30:00+00:002020-03-30T22:35:05+00:00Sharing the things we have learned is at the heart of everything we do at Smashing. That goes for the team as well as our authors, and Vitaly has been working on a set of checklists to accompany his workshop, Smart Interface Design Patterns. The resulting PDF is 152 pages packed with useful information to help you create better interfaces. And, we’re offering it to you free of charge.

These checklists are based on the work Vitaly has been doing for many years, exploring and examining examples of desktop and mobile interfaces. Learning what works and what doesn’t in usability tests and user interviews.

The cover of the PDF deck on “Smart Interface Design Patterns”, curated by Vitaly Friedman. You can get the entire deck (150 pages) by subscribing to our lovely email newsletter.
In the PDF is a collection of over 150 question..

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How to Create a Music Player App UI Design in Adobe XD

What You'll Be CreatingIn this Adobe XD tutorial you will learn how to create a music player UI design.

What You Will Learn in this Adobe XD UI Tutorial
How to create a music app mockup in Adobe XD
How to create icons in Adobe XD
How to set up grid in Adobe XD
How to save components in Adobe XD
How to create a repeat grid in Adobe XD
For more inspiration on how to adjust or improve your final Adobe XD app UI kit you can find plenty of resources at GraphicRiver.

What You Will Need
You will need the following resource in order to complete this Adobe XD music player UI kit:

San Francisco Compact Display font

Music Player Icons
Music Player Icons
1. How to Add the UI Patterns to the Music App Mockup

It’s always a good idea to start your music app interface with a basic sketch on paper. You can easily establish the main components of your music player UI design and the rough locations and proportions.
A paper sketch is the perfect start for the digital wireframe. Having in m..

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How to Upload a Google HTML Verification File to WordPress and Boost Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for getting your WordPress website the traffic it deserves.
SEO has become such an integral part of creating a successful site, that today there’s an entire industry of agencies and specialists dedicated to helping businesses improve their SEO.
If your website is going to reach the widest possible audience, then you need SEO, and the first step to boosting your website’s search engine performance is registering it with the Google Search Console.
Once you’ve added your WordPress website to the free Google console, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to monitor, analyze and optimize your site’s search engine rankings, making this console essential for fine-tuning your website's SEO.
In this article, I’ll cover two ways that you can register your website with the Google Search Console: uploading a Google HTML verification file to your WordPress account, and copy/pasting some code into your website’s homepage. Regardless of how ..

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How To Make Life Easier When Using Git

How To Make Life Easier When Using GitHow To Make Life Easier When Using Git

Shane Hudson

2020-03-27T11:30:00+00:002020-03-27T22:07:54+00:00Git was released almost 15 years ago. In that time it has gone from underdog to unbeaten champion, git init is often the first command run on a new project. It is undoubtedly an important tool that many of us use on a daily basis, and yet it is often seen as magic: brilliant, but scary.

There’s been a lot written about getting started with git, understanding how git works under the hood or techniques for better branching strategies. In this article, we will specifically target the stuff that just makes your life better in a small way.

Finding Your Old Socks

The whole point of git is to be able to save your work, to switch context and do something else. It could be to backup the code for the future, or to be able to make progress on a few different features asynchronously. It would be awful to have to throw out v2 just because there was a bug..

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