22 Premium WordPress Themes for Music & Video Websites

That part of the creative industry represented by musicians, photographers, and artists has profited greatly from the popularity of WordPress as a content management platform. With its ease of use and without users needing to be technically versed in order to work with it, WordPress is perfect for helping musicians, videographers, and photographers raise their exposure and increase their audiences. Creating a website that is both usable, functional and beautiful without any technical knowledge is now easier than ever.
The fact that WordPress powers more than 35% of websites worldwide, coupled with the array of available plugins and themes, is reason enough for you as an artist to choose WordPress. Sell tickets to your shows, integrate Apple Music and Spotify, and provide a showcase and information about yourself, your band or crew.
Features to Look Out For in Your WordPress ThemeThere are several characteristics to look for when choosing a premium WordPress music theme, specifically:

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What is a Slug in WordPress?

What You'll Be CreatingSlugs. Slimy little critters that have a nasty habit of getting into your vegetable garden… Or maybe not! In this post, we’re talking about a different kind of slug, and that’s the slug that forms part of the address (or URL) of the individual pages and posts in your WordPress website.
A slug is unique to each post, page or archive, and will tell a browser exactly where to go. But there’s more to them than that, and there are ways you can use them to boost your site’s search engine optimisation (SEO) and user experience (UX).
So let’s start by examining what a slug is and then move on to looking at how you can optimize your slugs in WordPress.
Slugs Versus PermalinksYou may have heard of another term relating to links in WordPress, and that’s permalinks.
So what’s the difference between a permalink and a slug?
The permalink is the entire link to a post. So the link to a post on an example website might be https://example.com/what-is-a-slug-in-wordpress/.

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How To Increase Mobile Conversions With Category Page Design

How To Increase Mobile Conversions With Category Page DesignHow To Increase Mobile Conversions With Category Page Design

Suzanne Scacca

2020-03-26T12:30:00+00:002020-03-26T22:05:58+00:00For e-commerce designers, it’s easy to focus on designing the home page, individual product pages as well as the checkout experience because they’re obvious stepping stones along the mobile shoppers’ journey. Based on the following data, though, category pages also have a role to play — as the intermediary between search engines and e-commerce websites.

Jill Kocher Brown, the SEO Director of JumpFly, shared the following research at SMX West 2020:

SEO Jill Brown shares research on ecommerce category page vs. product page performance. (Source: Slideshare) (Large preview)
After evaluating the top 30 ecommerce websites, Brown found that product category pages outperform product pages in terms of ranking keywords and traffic.

Considering how many top of funnel customers use mobile search to find wh..

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Best Trucking & Transportation WordPress Themes 2020

The trucking and logistics industry is a market that has been growing without pause in recent decades and with a very impressive market share, the industry is growing its presence on the web as well. With more individual truckers and small companies appearing, plus tech startups that push autonomous driving within the trucking industry, the need for a solid web presence is more relevant than ever.
With the ever-growing ease of creating a website, be that personal or corporate, truckers, logistic and transportation companies can take advantage of these opportunities. With WordPress being the most popular content management system platform out there, (with over 35% of the internet being hosted on it) it is a great choice to pick when it comes to choosing which platform (if any) to use at the foundation of your website.
Trucking and Transport WordPress Themes on Themeforest
The Transport WordPress theme offers several variants and customizing optionsWith these needs in mind, we have put ..

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How Should Designers Learn To Code? Git, HTML/CSS, Engineering Principles (Part 2)

How Should Designers Learn To Code? Git, HTML/CSS, Engineering Principles (Part 2)How Should Designers Learn To Code? Git, HTML/CSS, Engineering Principles (Part 2)

Paul Hanaoka

2020-03-25T14:00:00+00:002020-03-25T21:36:15+00:00Literally, tomes have been written on version control. Nevertheless, I will start by sharing a brief explanation and other introductory content to whet your appetite for further study.

Version control (not to be confused with version history) is basically a way for people to collaborate in their own environments on a single project, with a single main source of truth (often called the “master” branch).

I’ll go over today is the bare minimum you’ll need to know in order to download a project, make a change, and then send it to master.

There are many types of version control software and many tools for managing and hosting your source code (you may have heard of GitLab or Bitbucket). Git and GitHub are one of the more common pairs, my examples will referenc..

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How to Update WordPress – Manually or Automatically

Updating WordPress and keeping it up to date is an important part of running any WordPress website. In this video I’ll explain how to do it, manually and automatically!
How to Update WordPress
1. Backup WordPress Before Applying an UpdateBefore we begin, it’s important you understand that by updating your version of WordPress you’ll be impacting the files you have installed, and often the database too. For this reason, and to make sure you can restore your current version, it’s important to backup everything before updating.
Daily WordPress Backups With SiteGroundAutomatic backups are often made to live WordPress websites if you use a managed WordPress hosting package such as the one offered by SiteGround (get up to 70% off their hosting through Themeforest).
Even their most basic of WordPress hosting packages includes free daily backups of your whole installation, ready to be restored should something go amiss.
Free daily backups from SitegroundSiteGround is one of the few options en..

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What is a Widget in WordPress?

WordPress widgets are a great way to add extra content, snippets and interactivity to your site.
They make your site more than just a blog, and they give you the flexibility to identify content you want to show on every page of your site and make sure people won’t miss it.
In this article, you’ll learn all about WordPress widgets. You’ll learn how to add them to your site, where they go and how to get the most from them. I’ll also look at some of the more technical aspects of widgets and help you create your own widget areas for displaying widgets and even get you started on creating your own widget plugin.
The Best WordPress Plugins on CodeCanyon

You can explore thousands of the best WordPress plugins ever created on CodeCanyon. With a low-cost one time payment, you can purchase these high-quality WordPress plugins and improve your website experience for you and your visitors.

What is a WordPress Widget?
Let’s start by identifying exactly what widgets are.
In WordPress, widgets are..

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Smashing Podcast Episode 12 With Paul Boag: What Is Conversion Optimisation?

Smashing Podcast Episode 12 With Paul Boag: What Is Conversion Optimisation?Smashing Podcast Episode 12 With Paul Boag: What Is Conversion Optimisation?

Drew McLellan

2020-03-24T05:00:00+00:002020-03-24T21:36:07+00:00In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about the user experience around converting site visitors into customers. Can our selling techniques leave customers feeling cheated? And how can that be avoided? I spoke to conversion optimisation specialist Paul Boag to find out.

Show Notes

More about the book Click! How To Encourage Clicks Without Shady Tricks
Paul on Twitter
The Boagworld UX Show
Paul’s consultancy Boagworks
Weekly Update

“Implementing Infinite Scroll And Image Lazy Loading In React,”
by Chidi Orji
“How Indigo.Design Usability Testing Takes The Guesswork Out Of Web Design,”
by Suzanne Scacca
“How Should Designers Learn To Code? The Terminal And Text Editors (Part 1),”
by Paul Hanaoka
“A Practical Overview Of CSS Houdini,”
by Adrian Bece

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Announcing Smashing Online Workshops

Announcing Smashing Online WorkshopsAnnouncing Smashing Online Workshops

Rachel Andrew

2020-03-23T18:00:00+00:002020-03-23T21:38:27+00:00We had to postpone our SmashingConf in San Francisco until 10th–11th November 2020 and, like so many of you, our team will be staying firmly put at home for the next month or more. However, we know that many of you are still hoping to develop your skills, and we had workshops ready to go. We decided to find a way to bring the workshops to your home office, trying to keep as much of the live experience as possible. So, meet Smashing Online Workshops.

Remote, live, interactive and practical. That’s Smashing Workshops.We have two workshops to announce today, and if there is demand, we hope to be able to bring you more of the workshops you might be missing from our live events. By doing so, we hope we can help you continue to learn and interact with the speakers and each other, and also help out our workshop leaders who are losing income by being una..

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How to Install a SSL Certificate to Secure WordPress

What You'll Be CreatingOne way to make your WordPress website more secure is to install an SSL certificate.
An SSL certificate will add https:// to your site’s domain and, more importantly, will enhance security for your users. It’ll also give you some SEO benefits.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to install an SSL certificate for your WordPress site for free using Let’s Encrypt. I’ll show you how to do it using the SiteGround admin screens, using cPanel, and also using a plugin.

Special Discount for WordPress Hosting
If you need WordPress hosting, take a look at SiteGround. It comes with an easy installer, free support, and automatic updates. And includes support for SSL to keep your site secure!

We're happy to be able to offer a huge discount of 70% off self-managed WordPress hosting, thanks to our partnership with SiteGround.

What is SSL?SSL stands for ‘Secure Sockets Layer’. It uses key pairs to authenticate website access: a public key, which anyone can access, and..

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