Better Design With Deep Thinking

Better Design With Deep ThinkingBetter Design With Deep Thinking Eric Olive 2019-11-13T11:00:00+00:002019-11-14T07:36:40+00:00Interruptions, administrative tasks, and too many meetings are among the common complaints voiced by today’s professionals. When was the last time someone complained about a canceled meeting? In other words, everyone understands what hinders productivity, right? Not so fast, says computer scientist Cal Newport. While we all realize that interruptions and fragmented time are troublesome, we fail to recognize: The frequency of interruptions: We convince ourselves that we are focusing on one task at a time, such as a complex interaction design problem. Yet, every ten minutes or so, we check email or answer a text. Yes, we’re performing one task at a time, but the duration of that task is brief. The cost of these interruptions: As Newport explains on a recent episode of Hidden Brain: “Even those very brief checks that switch your context even briefly can have ..

20 Top Education WordPress Themes: To Make School Sites

Should you use WordPress for your school website? Running a school is complicated; whether it be a kindergarten, a university, or somewhere in between (not to mention online courses, MOOCs, and speciality schools!). WordPress is ideal for school sites because it’s customizable and adaptable. Maybe you run events, in which case you’ll need an event calendar. Have smart students on your campus? You should include a blog for student writing and perspectives. Selling your own webinars online? You’ll need a way to process those payments. WordPress can do all of that, and starting with a WordPress theme custom-built for education and school sites is a simple shortcut (don’t worry, it’s not cheating!). Best WordPress Themes for Making a School Website Themeforest has hundreds of great Premium WordPress themes to provide a starting point for your school website. Education WordPress themes available on ThemeforestIn this post we’re going to list our favorite education WordPress themes–catego..

Adapting Agile For Part-Time Teams

Adapting Agile For Part-Time TeamsAdapting Agile For Part-Time Teams Philip Kiely 2019-11-12T12:00:00+00:002019-11-13T07:45:23+00:00

The formal notion of the Agile software development method is about as old as I am (the Agile Manifesto was published in February 2001). I point this out not to make you feel old, but instead to demonstrate that Agile has had a long time to infiltrate software development. While the methodology advocates for “co-located, dedicated teams,” in its ubiquity Agile is frequently applied to teams partially or fully composed of part-time workers. While there are lessons to be taken from the practice, Agile must be adapted to support, rather than hinder, part-time teams.

In this article, we’ll consider applying Agile to a team of 5-10 people each working 20 hours per week on a project. We’ll further consider the frequent intersection of remote work with part-time teams and discuss situations where c..

SmashingConf New York 2019: Videos And Photos

SmashingConf New York 2019: Videos And PhotosSmashingConf New York 2019: Videos And Photos Rachel Andrew 2019-11-12T10:00:00+00:002019-11-13T07:45:23+00:00

We love running our event in New York, and given that it sold out a long way in advance we think that you do too. If you didn’t manage to get a ticket, this post should give you a feel for what happened. We also have the video of the presentations to share with you.

Enjoy this roundup, and if you want to be there in person for one of our events next year, tickets are on sale right now!

<img srcset="https://res.cloudinary.com/indysigner/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto/w_400/https://cloud.netlifyusercontent.com/assets/344dbf88-fdf9-42bb-adb4-46f01eedd629/183cd430-f62c-4d9a-88f5-0a448c08b882/ny-posters.jpg 400w, https://res.cloudinary.com/indysigner/image/fetch/f_auto,q_auto/w_800/http..

Demystifying CSS Pseudo-Classes (:nth-child vs. :nth-of-type)

Styles are applied to a web page using CSS selectors; selectors which make it possible for you to target a specific element or sets of elements. Usually, when you are starting with CSS, you’ll make use of element selectors before pivoting to use classes and IDs. As powerful as these selectors are, they can be quite limiting, making it impossible to select an element based on its state. If you’ve ever worked with frontend frameworks like React and Vue, you possibly understand what state means. I am not referring to the overall state of the application, but the state of elements within the HTML code. The humble link is a simple example–it can be created using an anchor tag . The link can then have different states: before the link is clicked when a user hovers a mouse cursor over the link when the link has been visited Selectors used to target elements depending on their state are called pseudo-classes. nth-child and nth-of-type are pseudo-classes which select an element based on its ..

Want the Secret to Insta-Success? Enrol in the School of Instagram

Why do some people seem to gain Instagram followers effortlessly, while others struggle to get any traction? Find the answer by enrolling in the School of Instagram. It's completely free to join, and the lessons you learn will take your Instagram account to the next level. Here's a quick overview of what you can learn from the School of Instagram. (Hint: it's just a fraction of what's on the site itself, so you might want to dive right in and get started with your first free lesson right away!) 1. How to Stand Out on Instagram Instagram has over a billion active users, with over 100 million photos and videos uploaded every day. How can you possibly stand out in such a crowded field? Start by binge-reading the ten dedicated lessons in the School of Instagram's first subject area: How to Stand Out on Instagram. You'll learn, among many other things, how to: grow your Instagram followingmake the most of your biowrite a killer Instagram captionSuccessful Inst..

How To Stop Analysis Paralysis With Design

How To Stop Analysis Paralysis With DesignHow To Stop Analysis Paralysis With Design Suzanne Scacca 2019-11-11T10:30:00+00:002019-11-12T07:53:15+00:00

As a web designer, you do your best to remove friction from the decision-making process. You place only one CTA above the fold. You keep interactive elements to a minimum. You make the menu only as large as it needs to be.

But what happens when the content itself causes analysis paralysis?

There’s an overabundance of choice all around the web, from e-commerce stores with thousands of products to content generation machines pushing out new posts every day. While you can’t do anything to stop the flood of information or items going out to your visitors, you can design your interfaces in a way that makes the decision-making process easier to bear. What’s more, you can help them walk away feeling more confident with their choice, too.

Let’s look at what it is about the psychology of choice th..

15 Best Learning Management System (LMS) WordPress Themes

Online education continues to gain popularity among diverse segments of the population. Not only does it offer the convenience of learning from anywhere or at any time, it also provides an endless variety of subject matter. Learners can study to earn a formal degree, advance their career or pursue a hobby. If you’re looking to build your own online course, you have number of terrific options that don’t require technical expertise. Through the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) and compatible theme, you’ll have the ability to put together course materials (including text and video), allow students to sign up, test their knowledge, and even award a certificate of completion. Today, we’ll introduce you to some of the best LMS WordPress themes available on ThemeForest. These top-quality themes cover a variety of use cases and will help you get your online education website off to a fast start. Best LMS WordPress Themes on ThemeforestThemeforest, part of the Envato Marke..

What Newspapers Can Teach Us About Web Design

What Newspapers Can Teach Us About Web DesignWhat Newspapers Can Teach Us About Web Design Frederick O'Brien 2019-11-08T11:30:00+00:002019-11-10T07:06:17+00:00It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends in web design. Web technology is constantly improving, and today developers have a formidable range of features at their disposal. This makes for a forward-thinking, innovative space — as it should — but also one at risk of being unrooted. Every art has its ancient masters. In the case of websites, it’s newspapers. When you dig into the basic principles of news design, overlaps with the web are frequent and oftentimes indistinguishable. Many web design best practices can be traced directly back to news design. When it comes down to it, websites are made for users to engage with, and hopefully return to. Newspapers have been playing that game for centuries, and winning. Anyone with even a passing interest in web design stands to benefit from knowing how news design works, ..

How to Create Your Own AJAX WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

In this tutorial we will create lightweight wishlist functionality for WooCommerce using AJAX, WordPress REST API, and SVG graphics. WooCommerce doesn’t come with wishlist functionality as standard, so you’ll always need to rely on an extension to do the work for you. Unless you build it yourself for complete control.. Wish Upon a StarWishlist functionality will allow users to mark certain products, adding them to a list for future reference. In some eCommerce stores (such as Amazon) multiple wishlists can be created, and these can be shared with others, which makes them ideal for birthdays or weddings. In our case, the WooCommerce wishlist we’re going to create will enable customers to easily revisit products they’re considering. Our wishlist functionality will add a heart icon to the product thumbs, which when clicked will add the product to a wishlist in a table. Click the heart icon to add a product to the wishlistTake a look at the demo for a proper idea of how it works. 1. Creat..