How to Make a WordPress Website

Are you thinking about creating a WordPress website? Good choice! WordPress is the most flexible and popular website platform out there, and it’s a favorite at Envato Tuts+.

What Is WordPress?In this tutorial, Adi Purdila explains what WordPress is and why it's so flexible for creating websites. You'll also get some pointers on deciding whether to…

Adi Purdila
29 Jan 2020

What Makes WordPress a Great Choice for Creating Websites?Considering using WordPress for your website? Find out what WordPress is and what benefits it offers.

Rachel McCollin
07 Feb 2020

Creating a WordPress website is easier than you might think. You don't have to spend lots of money, hire a developer, or learn to write code.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can get started creating your very own WordPress site.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

How to Set Up Hosting
How to Install WordPress
How Use a Theme for Your Website's Design
How to Add Content to..

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Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns

Accessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond PatternsAccessible SVGs: Inclusiveness Beyond Patterns

Carie Fisher

2020-03-12T11:30:00+00:002020-03-12T20:08:18+00:00Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) became a W3C open standard in 1999 — back when the new tech hotness was the Blackberry phone, Napster first invaded college dorms, and the Y2K bug sparked fear in us all. Fast forward to our modern digital world and you’ll notice that while the other tech trends have waned, SVGs are still around and thriving. This is partly due to SVGs having a small footprint for such high visual fidelity, in a world where bandwidth and performance matter more than ever — especially on mobile devices and situations/locations where data is at a premium. But also because SVGs are so flexible with their integrated styles, interactivity, and animation options. What we can do with SVGs today goes way beyond the basic shapes of yesteryear.

If we focus on the accessibility aspect of SVGs, we have come a long way as wel..

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How to Prevent Automatic Favicon Requests (Web Performance Quick Tip)

Most web browsers make an automatic favicon request on each page load. You won’t notice this if your site does have a favicon, but can be quite annoying if it doesn’t. Luckily, you can solve this problem with just one line of HTML code.
Problem: Automatic Favicon RequestsJust like any other user agent request, a favicon request opens a communication dialogue between the user’s browser and the server. This results in one more HTTP request and about 1.5KB extra overhead, which are both an unnecessary waste of performance if you don’t have a favicon—and can be especially annoying on a test/dev site when you want to run performance checks.
How to Prevent the Automatic Favicon RequestYou can completely remove the automatic favicon request by adding the following line of code to the section of your HTML page:
This little code snippet assigns an empty data URL to the favicon’s element which specifies the location of the external resource. This tric..

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5 Best Free WordPress Hosting Providers for 2020

Are you looking for someone to host your WordPress website, but aren’t sure whether free or premium hosting is right for you?
If your website is going to be a success, then you need the right hosting provider—after all, there are countless companies who can help run your website, but a reliable, secure and scalable WordPress hosting provider can help improve your website.
In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 5 WordPress hosting providers that can help you create and host a successful WordPress website for free.
Fast and Easy WordPress Hosting With SiteGroundAnd if you decide that you need performance and support for your WordPress site that isn't available for free, I'll also introduce you SiteGround, our recommendation for paid WordPress hosting.

Thanks to Envato's partnership with SiteGround, you can get up to 70% off managed WordPress hosting.

What Are the Benefits of Free WordPress Hosting?There’s one major reason why so many people choose free WordPress host..

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Creating Secure Password Flows With NodeJS And MySQL

Creating Secure Password Flows With NodeJS And MySQLCreating Secure Password Flows With NodeJS And MySQL

Darshan Somashekar

2020-03-11T11:30:00+00:002020-03-11T20:08:03+00:00If you’re anything like me, you’ve forgotten your password more than once, especially on sites you haven’t visited in a while. You’ve probably also seen, and/or been mortified by, reset password emails that contain your password in plain text.

Unfortunately, the reset password workflow gets short shrift and limited attention during application development. This not only can lead to a frustrating user experience, but can also leave your application with gaping security holes.

We’re going to cover how to build a secure reset password workflow. We’ll be using NodeJS and MySQL as our base components. If you’re writing using a different language, framework, or database, you can still benefit from following the general “Security Tips” outlined in each section.

A reset password flow consists of the following compon..

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10 Awesome Radio Station WordPress Themes to Download in 2020

Create a powerful, stylish, and fully functional radio station website with the help of ThemeForest’s premium WordPress themes and give your visitors the website experience they deserve.
SONIK is one of the many high quality WordPress radio station themes on ThemeForest.Your radio station website needs to have many advanced features including streamed radio stations and scheduling tables in order to run successfully. You will also need to have the proper integrations with WooCommerce so you can monetize any audio that you plan to sell.
ThemeForest is your go-to marketplace for the world’s best premium WordPress themes. You can find a theme that fits your exact needs, whether you own a radio station, music store, or any business in the music industry.
The Best Radio Station WordPress Themes on ThemeForest
Discover professionally created WordPress themes on ThemeForest. With a low-cost one time payment, you can purchase these premium WordPress themes and take your website to the next l..

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Make Honest Design Work For Digital Business, With “Ethical Design Handbook”

Make Honest Design Work For Digital Business, With “Ethical Design Handbook”Make Honest Design Work For Digital Business, With “Ethical Design Handbook”

Vitaly Friedman

2020-03-10T12:30:00+00:002020-03-10T20:10:17+00:00Many business models thrive on ingeniously deceptive and manipulative digital products. Not because they have to; mostly because dark patterns have become such an accepted norm. But what happens when ad-blockers, cross-browser tracking protection and data regulation (e.g. GDPR & CCPA) become a norm, too? That's when an honest, ethical design could be a competitive advantage.

To grow a sustainable business, we need to learn how to leave dark patterns behind. We also need to figure out how to make honest digital products financially viable. Products that enable and respect customer choices and are built and designed with ethics in mind. That's exactly why we created a new book. Jump to the table of contents ↓

Meet Ethical Design Handbook, our new book with ..

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How to Change Your WordPress Admin Password

If you’ve forgotten your WordPress admin password, or perhaps you’d like to change it for security reasons, this quick tip will explain two ways you can reset it.
2 Ways to Reset Your WordPress Password
1. Reset Password Via EmailThe first method, if you’re trying to gain access to the WordPress admin and you’ve forgotten your password, is to click the Lost your password? link.
On the screen that follows you’ll be asked for your username or user email address, then you’ll be sent a reset link via email.
2. Change Password From Within the WordPress AdminIf you do know your WordPress password but you’d like to change it (perhaps for security reasons) then you first need to login, then go to Edit My Profile in the dropdown menu at the top right of the screen. Alternatively go to Users > Your Profile (they both go to the same screen).
Scroll down to the Account Management section, and there you can click on Generate Password.
WordPress will then generate a safe, secure password for you, wi..

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Building An E-Commerce Site With October CMS And Shopaholic

Building An E-Commerce Site With October CMS And ShopaholicBuilding An E-Commerce Site With October CMS And Shopaholic

Leonardo Losoviz

2020-03-10T11:30:00+00:002020-03-10T20:10:17+00:00October CMS is flourishing: With over 9000 stars in its GitHub repo, 2000 forks and 300 contributors, it is becoming a major force in the CMS space. It won the popular vote as the Best Flat-File CMS from 2018, new plugins are published on its marketplace almost daily (covering most of the developer needs), and its network of partners is expanding worldwide. Let's see what it is all about.

Built in PHP and powered by Laravel (one of the most powerful and developer-friendly PHP frameworks), October CMS is a free open-source Content Management System (CMS). It benefits from Laravel's clean code and sound architecture to provide a great developer experience, over which it adds simple and flexible CMS functionality to provide a great user experience. This combination makes it possible to launc..

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Smashing Podcast Episode 11 With Eduardo Bouças: What Is Sourcebit?

Smashing Podcast Episode 11 With Eduardo Bouças: What Is Sourcebit?Smashing Podcast Episode 11 With Eduardo Bouças: What Is Sourcebit?

Drew McLellan

2020-03-10T10:30:00+00:002020-03-10T20:10:17+00:00 In this episode of the Smashing Podcast, we’re talking about an interesting open-source tool called Sourcebit. How can it help our content workflow with JAMstack sites? I spoke to developer Eduardo Bouças to find out.

Show Notes

Video of Sourcebit in action
Eduardo on Twitter and his website
Weekly Update

“Inspired Design Decisions: Neville Brody Design Cannot Remain Neutral,”
by Andy Clarke
“When You Find A Good Idea, Look For A Better One,”
by Tony Kim
“Why Are We Talking About CSS4?,”
by Rachel Andrew
“Introducing Alpine.js: A Tiny JavaScript Framework,”
by Phil Smith
“Avoid Keyboard Event-Related Bugs In Browser-Based Transliteration,”
by Sandamal Siripathi

Drew McLellan: He’s a web developer, technologist, writer and occasional public speaker with a strong..

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