10 WordPress Child Themes With Creative, Customizable Designs

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the look and functionality of the parent (main) theme while providing you the flexibility of changing the aspect of your site’s appearance. The parent theme is the complete theme that has in it all of the mandatory WordPress template files and assets for a theme to work, while a child theme is a sub-theme that enables you to make modifications to the main theme without touching the core files.
If the main theme is updated at any point, the changes you’ve made to the child theme remain intact.
How to Create a Child Theme if One Isn’t IncludedCreating a child theme is as simple as creating a new folder in the themes directory and adding a style.css stylesheet that features a few required pieces of information. The final step is the enqueuing part (loading the file); a process that’s well described in the WordPress Child Themes almanac.
Rachel McCollin has also covered the process thoroughly for beginners in this guide:
How to Cre..

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Meet “The Ethical Design Handbook”: How To Leave Dark Patterns Behind

Meet “The Ethical Design Handbook”: How To Leave Dark Patterns BehindMeet “The Ethical Design Handbook”: How To Leave Dark Patterns Behind

Vitaly Friedman

2020-02-04T13:00:00+00:002020-02-04T16:35:54+00:00Over the past twenty years, user privacy has become merely a commodity on the web: there, but hardly ever respected — and often swiftly discarded. No wonder ad-blockers have gained traction, browsers have introduced tracking protection, and new legislation in form of GDPR and CCPA brought regulations for data collection.

We need to craft better digital products that respect customer’s choices without hurting business KPIs. And we need to do so by taming data collection and abandoning dark patterns, from hidden checkboxes to ambiguous copywriting. How do we get there?

That’s the question we wanted to answer. Meet Ethical Design Handbook, a new Smashing book full of practical techniques and blueprints on how companies ridden with shady practices can shift towards better, sustainab..

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How To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstack

How To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstackHow To Create A Headless WordPress Site On The JAMstack

Sarah Drasner & Geoff Graham

2020-02-04T11:00:00+00:002020-02-04T16:35:54+00:00In the first article of this series, we walked through Smashing Magazine’s journey from WordPress to the JAMstack. We covered the reasons for the change, the benefits that came with it, and hurdles that were encountered along the way.

Like any large engineering project, the team came out the other end knowing more about the spectrum of successes and failures within the project. In this post, we’ll set up a demo site and tutorial for what our current recommendations would be for a WordPress project at scale: retaining a WordPress dashboard for rich content editing, while migrating the Front End Architecture to the JAMstack to benefit from better security, performance, and reliability.

We’ll do this by setting up a Vue application with Nuxt, and use WordPress in a headless manner — pulling in th..

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CSS Tips for Better Color and Contrast Accessibility

Color accessibility is an important part of visual accessibility. People with various types of visual impairments, such as color blindness and low vision, perceive colors in different ways. As a result, the meaning of colors becomes less significant or is completely lost for users with visual disabilities.
Although most articles on color accessibility give design tips like how to pick an accessible color scheme, we will follow a different approach here. Specifically, we will look into a couple of CSS tips you can use to improve color and contrast accessibility. However, if you are interested in the design angle, have a look at our tutorial about how to design for visual impairments by Graeme Fulton, too.
Accessibility Basics: Designing for Visual Impairment

Graeme FultonTo understand how people affected by visual impairments perceive colors, you can test any color with ColorHexa’s color blindness simulator. For instance, here is how the color red (#ff0000) is seen by peo..

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An Interview With Zach Leatherman: A SmashingConf Austin Speaker

An Interview With Zach Leatherman: A SmashingConf Austin SpeakerAn Interview With Zach Leatherman: A SmashingConf Austin Speaker

Rachel Andrew

2020-02-03T10:30:00+00:002020-02-03T16:43:47+00:00We are so excited to be bringing SmashingConf to a new city this year. We’re bringing you SmashingConf Austin and we have a fantastic line-up of speakers.

Check out this post, where we introduce our new venue of Austin and share an interview with Miriam Suzanne. This time we have an interview with Zach Leatherman.

Zach will be talking about type and font performance at SmashingConf Austin. See you there?Zach is no stranger to the Smashing stage, and if you want to find out more about web fonts and loading strategies, you can watch his talk from SmashingConf London 2018, paired with a talk by Monica Dinculescu from SmashingConf Barcelona, “Web Fonts And Performance: SmashingConf Videos”.

Also, take a look at some of the resources that Zach has made available on the subject in his archive of..

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15+ Best Church (Religious) WordPress Themes to Download for 2020

Community is all about bringing people together. It’s something that
religious groups–both large and small–have been doing throughout

And, while such groups tend to meet face-to-face, having an online
presence has become increasingly vital. A church or religious website
can serve as an informational source, a line of communication and an
opportunity for growth.

Providing your organization with a solid footing online has never
been easier–thanks to an outstanding selection of premium and free
religious WordPress themes. Today, we’ll take a look at some top options
for your church, temple, mosque, or synagogue.

Top Church and Religious WordPress Themes on ThemeForest
Want to find the best theme for your religious organization? Be sure
to check out the vast selection available on ThemeForest. Part of the
Envato marketplaces, ThemeForest offers thousands of premium WordPress
themes– including over 70 church and religious themes.
WordPress religious themes on ThemeFor..

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What is a WordPress Plugin?

If you’ve been using WordPress for any time at all, you’ll probably have realized that you can get a lot more from it if you install plugins on your site.

Plugins are extra bits of code that will add additional functionality to your WordPress site: in other words, they let it do more things.
In this article, I’ll explain exactly what a plugin is, when you might want to use one, and how it works. I’ll also share some tips to help you identify which plugins you should be adding to your WordPress site.
Plugins vs Themes: What’s the Difference?The first question to clear up is the difference between a theme and a plugin.
Your theme is the code that makes your website look the way it does. It includes styling for all of your content, images, layouts and more. It contains the code that fetches your posts and pages and displays them on the page, and it’s essential for your site to work.
Every WordPress site needs a theme. Without one, you won’t be able to display any content on the page. In ..

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20 Super Fast Page Loading WordPress Themes (Most Lightweight) for 2020

Search engines have made it very clear in recent years that website performance (page speed) is an important factor when it comes to ranking websites and web pages in SERPs. Besides that, the loading time of a webpage also affects the user experience so it’s therefore damaging to your website or business on two fronts.

Ways to Improve WordPress PerformanceThere are all kinds of reasons why your WordPress website might be slow and not performing as well as it should. Here are some reasons you should think about, taken from the Tuts+ course optimizing page load.
Make sure you’re using the latest version of WordPress.
Clean up your WordPress plugins; uninstall any you no longer need.
Consider using a cache plugin, like WP Super Cache (by Automattic).
Optimize your database tables for PHPMyAdmin.
Optimize your content, such as images, so they’re as lightweight as possible.
Performance Test: The Best Selling WordPress Themes on ThemeForest
Ian YatesSuper-Fast Page Loading Speed W..

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29 Days Of February (2020 Wallpapers Edition)

29 Days Of February (2020 Wallpapers Edition)29 Days Of February (2020 Wallpapers Edition)

Cosima Mielke

2020-01-31T11:00:00+00:002020-01-31T16:36:04+00:00What will you make of the extra day that February has in store for us this year? Visit an old friend, explore a new place, or use it to get stuff done you have put off for so long? Whatever you might have planned this month, our new collection of wallpapers is bound to cater for a little inspiration spark along the way.

Created by artists and designers from all across the globe, the wallpapers come in versions with and without a calendar for February 2020 and can be downloaded for free — a Smashing tradition that has been going on for more than nine years already. A big thank-you to everyone who challenged their creative skills and shared their artworks with us this time around!

As a little bonus goodie, we also added some February favorites from our archives to the end of this post. Because, well, some things are just too good..

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20+ Best Chiropractor & Physiotherapy WordPress Themes for 2020

Did you know that as many as 90% of consumers google a local business each year—and 33% say they do so every single day? With stats like these, it’s obvious that setting up and maintaining a quality website is essential in order to give your business every chance of success.

How frequently did consumers search for local businesses online in the last year?So, when it comes to health—a topic that unsurprisingly people take extremely seriously—it couldn’t be more vital that your online presence reflects the quality of your practice. After all, you not only want to gain people’s attention, you need to earn their trust.
How to Create A Chiropractor or Physiotherapy WebsiteMaybe you’ve had a website for years, or maybe you’re setting up a medical firm and haven’t had the time or budget to think about your own marketing strategy. Thankfully, these days, you can simply set up your chiropractor or physiotherapy website by selecting a relevant WordPress theme from Themeforest before easily cu..

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