Report: Apple’s ‘Project OGRS’ almost turned the iPhone into a walkie-talkie

Remember those old push-to-talk phones? You know, the ones that basically worked like a walkie-talkie, letting people chat without connecting to a cellular network or dialing a phone number? As it turns out, Apple might’ve tried to stick a walkie-talkie-like feature of its own on future iPhones. The feature has since been put on hold. A report by The Information states Apple was working with Intel on the technology. It was codenamed Project OGRS (Off Grid Radio Service) at Apple and Project Shrek at Intel. Who says giant tech corporations don’t have a sense of humor? To be clear, this wasn’t like the WiFi…
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Study: Either the Hubble Constant is wrong or the universe is ripping itself apart

The science community has a crisis on its hands. Some anarchist physicists recently started kicking the tires on the Standard Model and they figured out the universe is expanding faster than it should be. This means the worst possible outcome imaginable has come to pass: scientists got some math wrong. Either that, or the universe is ripping itself apart. Probably both. But, that’s hardly notable. If the universe started with a Big Bang, it’d be silly to think it was going to end with a “Mild Settling.” In fact, chances are we’re about to start discussing the Big Rip (actual…
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Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker’s latest trailer foreshadows a dark fall

Disney today released footage from the upcoming Star Wars film, The Rise of Skywalker, from this weekend’s D23 convention, and the internet is afire for it. Granted, the Star Wars franchise rouses several generations of fanpeople like no franchise on earth — and given the trailer begins with a sizzle reel of major events from the previous two trilogies, it’s likely Disney is deliberately trying to tickle that nostalgic nerve. In addition to the old footage, Disney also revealed new scenes from the film. These include dramatic shots of spaceships framed by thunder and lightning, planetary destruction, and yet another confrontation between Force-sensitive foundling Rey and the…
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Digital adoption: What it is and why big-time businesses must take note

We live in a digital age — a time when smartphone penetration exceeds 95 percent in some countries and when social media can be used to keep employees on-task at work. Despite this, many businesses continue to lag behind in digital adoption. Part of the problem stems from the fact that many business leaders do not understand what digital adoption actually is. After all, it’s one thing to download a software program that will help you manage your social media accounts. It’s quite another to use all the features offered by that program so you can maximize your business output.…
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4 reasons employee training must be a top priority for enterprise businesses

Every project, especially those for enterprise businesses, needs a clear hierarchy of task importance; this is easy in concept and hard in application. I can personally attest to the fact that prioritizing complex projects is much easier said than done, especially when it comes to managing employees. Since I do my best to hire top-shelf candidates, I can forget that even though I hired the right person for the job, he or she still needs a significant amount of coaching and training for success. After years of hiring employees, I’ve learned one golden rule … When it comes to prioritization,…
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4 Key Principles to Remember When Building B2B Ecommerce Websites

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B2B ecommerce businesses are currently facing a bit of a boom. Forrester estimates that B2B ecommerce revenues will reach $1.8 trillion in the US in the next four years. And a recent BigCommerce study found that 41% of B2B retailers predict their online sales to increase more than 25% by the end of the year.

So if you’re building a B2B ecommerce storefront to capitalize on this boom, it’s important that you take the time to ensure that the website has all the right functionality to receive and fulfill orders, and to deliver a great shopping experience to your buyers.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the key principles you’ll need to keep in mind when tackling a B2B ecommerce website build.

But before we begin, let’s put everything into a bit of context.

Key Differences Between B2C and B2B Ecommerce Sites
B2B ecommerce companies, of course, provide ..

Earn money on your unused cryptocurrency with Binance? It’s probably more hassle than it’s worth

Digital asset exchange Binance is launching a cryptocurrency lending platform later this month. In a blog post published earlier today, the exchange announced what it’s calling “Binance Lending.” A platform which Binance CEO, Chanpeng Zhao, touted would let users “earn crypto in their sleep.” Binance is positioning the platform as a “value-add” service for exchange users that hold idle digital assets. In other words, if you have some tokens or coins on Binance that you’re just letting sit there, you could make some money by offering them for use in Binance‘s lending platform. Users that lend out their dormant coins…
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Creating A Shopping Cart With HTML5 Web Storage

Creating A Shopping Cart With HTML5 Web StorageCreating A Shopping Cart With HTML5 Web Storage

Matt Zand

2019-08-26T14:30:59+02:002019-08-26T23:36:24+00:00With the advent of HTML5, many sites were able to replace JavaScript plugin and codes with simple more efficient HTML codes such as audio, video, geolocation, etc. HTML5 tags made the job of developers much easier while enhancing page load time and site performance. In particular, HTML5 web storage was a game changer as they allow users’ browsers to store user data without using a server. So the creation of web storage, allowed front-end developers to accomplish more on their website without knowing or using server-side coding or database.

Online e-commerce websites predominantly use server-side languages such as PHP to store users’ data and pass them from one page to another. Using JavaScript back-end frameworks such as Node.js, we can achieve the same goal. However, in this tutorial, we’ll show you step by step how to build a ..

Cryptography startup sues Black Hat conference after getting booed and heckled

Tech conferences are usually civil by nature, but one cryptography startup is taking things up a notch by suing organizers of security conference Black Hat USA after being heckled and booed by attendees. The case emerged following last month’s edition of the event in which digital identity startup, Crown Stirling, was heckled during its presentation of the paper titled “Discovery of Quasi-Prime Numbers: What Does this Mean for Encryption,” Ars Technica reports. The paper was authored by Crown Sterling CEO, Robert E. Grant, and co-authored by Talal Ghannam. The paper itself is fairly light, just five pages long and focuses on…
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Podcast: How bank data analysis helps fight modern slavery

Since 2014, more than 40 million people have been victimized by human trafficking. To understand how massive that number actually is, look at this map of Europe for a few seconds: The number of human trafficking victims globally is as many as the inhabitants of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Croatia, and Hungary combined. While human trafficking is often associated with (illegal) prostitution, about 25 million of these 40 million victims end up in labor exploitation situations — working in nail salons, nursery gardens, and restaurant kitchens, to name a few examples. One unique characteristic sets this group apart from other…
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