Bitcoin’s price surge pushes cryptocurrency-related stocks into the green

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies weren’t the only investments to benefit from the leading coin‘s recent price jump. The cryptocurrency made headlines earlier this week for a price rally thought to have been ushered in by one mystery buyer. Over a matter of hours, Bitcoin‘s trading price jumped 20 percent and broke the $5,000 barrier for the first time since November last year. As Bitcoin‘s price rose, so did a host of other coins and digital assets. But virtual currencies weren’t the only ones that benefitted from the price increase. In fact, cryptocurrency and blockchain-related stocks also profited from the renewed… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

Canada confiscates $1.4M in Bitcoin from dark web drug dealer

A Canadian judge has ordered the forfeiture of approximately $1.4 million in Bitcoin found on a drug dealer’s computer as part of a criminal investigation. On Wednesday, Superior Court Justice Jane Kelly ordered that 281.41 Bitcoin be handed over to the Ministry of the Attorney General following evidence that 30-year-old Matthew Phan used the cryptocurrency to fund the purchase of a gun and illegal narcotics on the dark web. According to The Toronto Star, Phan pleaded guilty to attempting to import a gun and possessing several illegal substances including cocaine, ketamine, and PCP in December last year. In a forfeiture hearing in February, Phan… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Bitcoin

Watch Adobe’s new After Effects feature remove distracting objects from your videos like magic

Adobe’s just updated its popular After Effects video editing software with an incredibly handy feature: the ability to select and remove unwanted objects from your footage, just like you would cut out a tourist from a photo of a monument in Photoshop. It’s called Content-Aware Fill, and it uses the company’s Sensei AI to analyze what’s in the surrounding area of the objects you want to remove – whether that’s a person, a piece of trash, or a stray boom mic – and fill that portion in so it looks like said objects were never there. Here’s another example of… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Adobe

Why the world is unhappy with India’s anti-satellite missile test

On March 27, Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, announced that the country had successfully launched an anti-satellite missile in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). With that, India became only the fourth country to test an Anti-Satellite (ASAT) weapon – used to attack enemy satellites or intercepting ballistic missiles – after the US, China, and Russia. .@DRDO_India successfully launched the Ballistic Missile Defence #BMD Interceptor missile, in an Anti-Satellite #ASAT missile test #MissionShakti engaging an Indian orbiting target satellite in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in a ‘Hit to Kill’ mode from the Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Island — PIB India (@PIB_India) March… This story continues at The Next Web

‘Consent condom’ requires four hands to open package

94 percent of women who are raped experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. One in three will contemplate suicide. And while a condom isn’t going to stop rape, it’s a damn good place to start. Tulipán, an Argentine sex toy retailer, has created the world’s first “consent condom,” a condom encased in packaging requiring four hands to open. The unique design requires two parties to simultaneously press special points on the side of the packet to access its contents. “Tulipán has always spoken of safe pleasure but for this campaign we understood that we had to talk about the most… This story continues at The Next Web

Salty Fallout 76 player sends sassiest message ever to Bethesda

If you’ve ever wished to communicate with a game developer, either to praise them or to complain about something, but chickened out because you assumed they’d never bother to read your message — you just have to get creative about it, apparently. One particular item sent to Fallout developer Bethesda got a particular point across in a way no Reddit thread or tweet ever could. At a recent Bethesda Game Days panel, executive director (and my eternal nemesis) Todd Howard was asked about fan mail. According to Howard, he recently received a package full of bobby pins, along with a note that… This story continues at The Next Web

Facebook data leak (yeah, another one) allegedly exposes passwords, likes, etc

Flip that board that says “It’s been _ days since we found a massive pile of unsecured Facebook data” right back to zero, and get ready to reset your passwords again just to be safe. Security researchers discovered hundreds of millions of records on publicly-accessible Amazon cloud servers — including names, passwords, comments, likes, and all the other stuff we should all just assume has already leaked at some point. Cybersecurity firm Upguard released its findings earlier today. There are two data sets, originating from different sources, both stored in Amazon S3 buckets — no password protection on either one,… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Facebook

Stepping into the immersive classroom

In a beautifully kitted out room in central Paris, Colin Fillaudeau is teaching a group of youngsters how to build in Mixed Reality. Even though my French is far from perfect and I’m unfamiliar with the program he’s using, I’m able to follow along quite well, and the same is certainly true for the 14 year olds in the room, who have come here for the day from a deprived area on the outskirts of Paris. This room – which resembles an open-plan tech start-up office with its multiple screens, robots, VR headsets and Minecraft plush toys and LEGO –… This story continues at The Next Web

Sneaky movie site streams audio-only films for at-work binge sessions

To all the desk jockeys of the world, I direct your attention to Listen to a Movie, a site which allows you to (as the name suggests) listen to the audio of thousands of movies, shows, and comedy specials, no video required. Listen to a Movie claims to have been created “for the enslaved cubicle workers of the world who enjoy LISTENING to movies while the work.” It’s been around for a long time now — a LifeHacker article from 2007 called it, “Unbelievably cool and seemingly unlikely-to-last.” The site allows you stream film audio through your browser, no video… This story continues at The Next Web

Android Q Beta 2 is now available, including new ‘bubbles’ for multi-tasking

Well, that was fast. Less than a month after it released the first beta of Android Q, Google has now released Beta 2. While it’s mostly aimed at adding API’s and features for developers, there is one major development for the rest of us: bubbles are now official. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, Android Q Beta 1 had a hidden feature that placed notifications in floating ‘bubbles’ akin to Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads. These would let you read notifications without pulling down the notification shade, and made it a bit easier multi-task when using your phone with… This story continues at The Next Web Or just read more coverage about: Android