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AI models are becoming better at answering questions, but they’re not perfect

The Allen Institute has released a model called Macaw that can answer questions ostensibly more accurately than OpenAI's GPT-3.

New startup shows how emotion-detecting AI is intrinsically problematic

Hume, a new company emerging from stealth, claims that it is 'ethically' applying emotion AI. But the science is shaky…

AI Weekly: What can AI tell us about social unrest, virus structures, and carbon emissions?

Predicting unrest and virus structures. Reducing emissions from planes using algorithms. That's a few of the headlines in AI this…

AI Weekly: The implications of self-driving tractors and coming AI regulations

AI regulations are on the way from governments including China. Plus, driverless tractors have reached the market -- with caveats.

Observability: How AI will enhance the world of monitoring and management

The distinction between observability and monitoring is subtle but significant. In short, monitoring tells you what is happening, while observability…

Meta claims its AI improves speech recognition quality by reading lips

Meta (formerly Facebook) claims its new AI system, AV-HuBERT, can improve speech recognition accuracy by reading the lips of speakers.