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Open source NLP is fueling a new wave of startups

A growing number of startups are offering open source language models as a service, competing with heavyweights like OpenAI.

OpenAI begins allowing customers to fine-tune GPT-3

OpenAI has launched a new capability that allows users of the OpenAI API to fine-tune GPT-3 models for specific use…

MLCommons releases open source datasets for speech recognition

The nonprofit consortium MLCommons has released a massive, license-free dataset for speech recognition system development and testing.

Natural language processing is shaping intelligent automation

Language is how humans naturally communicate. Understanding the components of natural language processing is vital for the future of tech.

Naver’s large language model is powering shopping recommendations

In an interview with VentureBeat, South Korea search giant Naver explained how it's using large language models to power new…

Grammarly raises $200M to expand its AI-powered writing suggestions platform

Grammarly, a startup developing an AI-powered writing aid, has raised $200 million in venture capital, valuing it at $13 billion.

Cohere partners with Google Cloud to train large language models using dedicated hardware

AI startup Cohere has partnered with Google Cloud to train large language models on the company's dedicated hardware infrastructure.